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Development and installation of the Ignition Environmental Monitoring System at a Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Site in Chestnut Ridge, NY.


CNE played a key role in working with the customer and the programming group to develop the system. In-depth testing of the system and providing feedback. The Ignition system is a complete custom system that monitors temperature, humidity and differential pressures in processing suites throughout the facility, as well as utility monitoring (compressed air, carbon beds, USP water, etc).


The first 10 photos are of one of the control panels that CNE designed and built for one phase of the project.

Environmental Monitoring System Panel Build

Starting the layout

Differential Pressure Transmitters

Adding more din rail for components

Internal wiring and tubing complete

All tubed up

Ready for testing

Panel powered and tested. Ready to install.


Up and running

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From the earliest planning stages through its completion, it was our responsibility to manage this project. This customer was a long time user of Blue Mountain products and this project took them from Calibration Manager version 4.1 to BM RAM current version. 


In addition, part of the project was to expand usage from a simple calibration scheduler (CalMan was used in this way) to incorporating a full maintenance program, and expanding the calibration and maintenance program to the use of tablets and eliminating paper (going paperless).



  • Stage 1: work with the customer and with Blue Mountain project manager to determine how to use BM RAM, including reporting, inventory control, personnel and vendor management and more.
  • Stage 2: begin the configuration. Blue Mountain team did the configuration with me testing and making suggested changes to satisfy the customer.
  • Stage 3: work with the customer’s CSV (computer system validation) group to develop the qualification testing, write and edit portions of the testing and write SOPs.
  • Stage 4: execute the qualification.
  • Stage 5: responsible for ensuring all of the Preventive Maintenance checklists (over 500) were converted from Word to Blue Mountain. Also ensuring the maintenance activities were properly scheduled in CalMan prior to the final data migration. Also responsible for reviewing existing data and updating records prior to final data migration.
  • Stage 6: Training all users from Technicians, to Managers, to Super Users on proper usage of BM RAM.
  • Stage 7: ensure all tablets were properly configured and then distributed to the technicians for use.

Final stage: continued support of system.


End result: Successful implementation of Blue Mountain. This project was completed on time and within budget.

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Glatt GPCG-15 Installation at Par Pharmaceutical Manufacturer in Chestnut Ridge, NY.

Managed a portion of the installation. Assisted the project manager and the riggers with proper placement of the fluid bed components. Directed the electricians on all wiring of field devices, instruments and motor controls. CNE handled all of the control wiring inside the control panel and to all the field devices (including all pneumatic connections).

Once the wiring was complete, CNE executed a complete start up of the system, and also completed the validation (document written by OEM).

Fluid Bed Installation

Room under construction

Room under construction

Room under construction

Radial fan installing in mezzanine

Control panel before installation

Air handling unit in mezzanine

Fluid bed components

Fluid bed components

Fluid bed components

Fluid bed components

Fluid bed components

Tower supports installed

Filter chamber ready for installation

Filter chamber being lifted

Filter chamber being lifted

Aligning the filter chamber

Almost there…

Filter chamber installed

Explosion duct on mezzanine.

Looking good

Framing around the tower

Fume hood in the room

Hydraulic pump cabinet on mezzanine

Inlet and Exhaust ducting

More ducting (on mezzanine)

AHU piped, Exhaust filter unit installed before fan

Room framing continues

HMI Panel mounted

Inlet duct in the room

Inlet duct with air flow sensing station in room

Dew point sensor on AHU

Wurster 9″ and 12″ product bowls

Framing around bulkhead box in room

Starting to take shape…

Room looking goodFilter tower in room

Machine tower installed

Room painted and floor complete

Room painted and floor complete

Control panel wiring and tubing completed

Control panel wiring and tubing completed

Job complete

Job complete

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